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27th-Jun-2007 11:31 pm
(dw) ; the ark in space
Since I get incredibly bored and need something to occupy myself during the day, I decided to put up some sort of moodtheme request post. I've wanted to start making more moodthemes for awhile now but honestly, I have no idea what to icon. Er, moodtheme. Anyway, if you're interested and want me to make you a moodtheme, please fill out the tiny form below. It makes things neater and more organized, amirite? For staraters, I'll be taking the first five requests. If you need an example of my work, HERE the current I'm using of Chris Halliwell from Charmed.

The Specifics
Moodtheme: (ie: fandom, character, ship, etc.)
Image Galleries: (Please link to some sort of image gallery (or galleries). I can't make you your moodtheme if you can't provide me with pictures.)
Border/No Border: (Do you want a border or no?)
Size: (Any size)
Black White/Color: (Black and white or color?)

1. You must have the community friended to request a theme.
2. I will NOT do: Personal fanart, webcomics, etc., Supernatural (It's not that I have anything against the show (hell, I love it), it's just that it seems like everyone and their mother's have done it of the show and/or created one of Sam or Dean. *shrugs*)
4. Once in a blue moon will I do an animated moodtheme. I'm currently doing one right now for a friend so NO requesting animated themes.
3. One request per person.

1. Animated Bope (Days Of Our Lives) - fancyfacebrady
27th-Oct-2010 03:03 am (UTC)
... my friend is a dork and will not ask for herself, but do you happen to have a download available for your Chris moodtheme?

It's totally understandable if you'd prefer to keep it as a personal one, but I figured it was worth asking.
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